MAGIX Digital DJ

MAGIX Digital DJ

With the MAGIX Digital DJ Download is placing a cinch. The DJ software is easy-to-use, mixes on demand automatically and brings a number of nice games with.

MAGIX Digital DJ download with integrated loop function

Whether at home, at parties or at the club – recordings include for touching many places on the scrap heap. Instead digitally placed in the notebook, which has many advantages. In addition to the beautiful fact is that even thousands of MP3s weigh little and relatively rare scratched, dealing with binary audio opened cool features. For example, scratching with the mouse or a MIDI controller, automatic mixing of entire sets by playlist, or the automatic selection of appropriate songs. Here MAGIX Digital DJ scores with the in-house mufin technology that automatically finds tracks which sound or mood to the current "disc" fit. Alternatively, select DJs the next title using the search function and access will also return to an existing iTunes database. The song’s tempo automatically detects and synchronizes the DJ software, anyone who wants can also lend a hand.

This is what a second sound card output, the PFL aside. Alternatively, for adding to songs, or for laminating difficult transitions also makes the built-in slot sampler a good figure. For stretching of songs on extra length rehearsal of DJ tools turn the integrated loop function makes useful. Effects such as Beat Shredder, EQ with Cut and various filters peppeln to the mix. MAGIX Digital DJ is clearly based on the sizes of the scene, although some detail missing screws. The difference in performance is more than masked by the much lower purchase price, and then the digital DJ remains the bottom line is a good choice for newcomers to the digital hook.

MAGIX Digital DJ

Limitations of MAGIX Digital DJ

No limitation of the term. Every few minutes, the audio signal interrupted momentarily.