Windows 8 Desktop Gadgets

Windows 8 Desktop Gadgets

The Windows 8 Desktop Gadgets equip the known Windows 7 and Vista Gadgets in Windows 8 to. The mini-apps can be placed here as in Windows 7 on the sidebar or anywhere on the desktop.

Windows 8 Desktop Gadgets Download for Windows 8

Windows 8 brings is well known not only looks quite a bit of change with it. In Microsoft’s current operating system, some proven, critically popular features have been omitted Unfortunately, the Windows users are reluctant to dispense. Many missing in Windows 8, for example, known from Vista and Windows 7 desktop widgets and sidebar. The Windows 8 desktop gadgets remedy and Get some nice gimmicks such as calendar, clock or weather on their own Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 desktop.

Windows 8 Desktop Gadgets Download

retrofit missing mini-apps in Windows 8

With the free Windows 8 desktop gadgets a reserve attracts a traditional piece Windows Culture in Windows 8 and 8.1 on. The small, free tool installed by the default missing in Windows 8 mini apps. Practical: The installation package for the Windows 8 Desktop Gadgets Download are also the German versions of the gadgets included.

Windows 8 desktop gadgets offer calendar, RSS feed and weather report

The interior of the gadgets succeed fairly straightforward. After this Windows 8 Desktop Gadgets Download to choose the desired language during installation. First, after a menu to see with all included gadgets that can be placed on the Windows desktop users. He selects the desired and simply drags them to the right job. The choices include a calendar, a Analog clock, an RSS feed, as well as a picture puzzle, the Windows user can also feed with your own photos.

monitor CPU usage by Gadget

A CPU Meter is also available as a desktop gadget is available with which one keeps the CPU usage and RAM and disk space usage in mind. Other interesting gadgets are a Currency converter, a Slideshow tool and a weather report. The latter of course you can tell your own residence, to always read the weather forecast at the respective location on the screen.

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