Forgot Steam Password: What to do?

Forgot Steam Password: What to do?

To log in to Steam, a separate account with password is required. What should be done, however, when one’s own Forgot your Steam password has been?

The online games platform Steam download is no longer a unknown site more. According to the manufacturer, there are now more than 100 million accounts. On the platform from Valve games using a client offered for the computer. However, on Steam games can not only buy, developers can self-publish their own programmed games here.

Interaction is also capitalized on Steam, because there exist an instant messenger as well as groups on various topics and forums so that players from around the world can exchange with each other.

Forgot Steam Password: No need to panic

Especially when a user uses multiple and simultaneously difficult passwords, it is often the case that passwords are forgotten. In the portal, it is especially problematic because no games can be played when the user can not log into their own account. Therefore it is very important to make the account quickly usable again when the steam was forgotten password. As the password can restore, is described in this guide.

Forgot your Steam password

Conditions for the full use of Steam

The client of Steam has few system requirements. It is merely a current version of Windows (such as Windows XP, Vista or 7) is required; also will be for some years also supports Mac OS X. For this, Mac OS X should be installed 10.6.3 or higher. In addition, the computer must be equipped and have 512 MB RAM with a 1 GHz processor. Valve also recommends a fast Internet connection. It must be taken to ensure always that the individual games have in some cases significantly higher requirements than the client.

So is their own passwords in Steam reset

If you have forgotten your Steam password, but the Username is yet known, can be restored as follows the account:

First, it must be ensured that the client of Steam is installed on the computer. Then the client can be started.

In the login window that appears, the account option will restore … show which has to select the user. If the program is opened as a Windows 8 app, is the appropriate selection guidelines for registration.

Steam Lost password Help

In the next window will be clicked I know my account name. After that, the name can be entered and the Next button to confirm.

Steam Password Forgot Name

As a rule, an email is sent to the user of Steam now in a confirmation code and the secret question are located. Both pieces of information must be entered and confirmed again with Next.

Steam Password Forgot code

a new password can now be selected. again on the button Next to exit.

if the Username not known is must proceed as follows:

  1. Step: In the login window below "restore account …" is the option "I do not know my account name" selected.
  2. Step: Now the e-mail address must be specified with which was created the account.
  3. Step: Steam will now send the account name to the user, so that the method described above can be applied.