Farm expert 2016

Farm expert 2016

Those who want to experience life as a farmer as realistically as possible, will find it here. Of the Farm Expert 2016 Download made by Koch Media includes all the topics from the task pane of a farm: agriculture, livestock, fruit growing. Many licensed and realistic machines are integrated into the simulation game.

Simulation games, mostly with free download, provide the user to test personal skills and abilities the opportunity, especially adapted to a respective topic. So you can re-enact the original lunar lander or realistically know the pilot’s life, for example, a flight simulator, the moon landing. Numerous simulators in the field of commercial games offer the user the ability to home to such diverse tasks such as issuing a newspaper or running a zoo or a shipping company. Often the game-internal environments and conditions are so true to life that many simulators are also used as teaching materials. Within the category of simulators farm games and Agricultural simulators are very popular. This category also includes the farm expert makes 2016 download.

Farm expert 2016 download covers all agricultural areas

As it implies the full title, the farm expert includes 2,016 Download all areas of a farm, so agriculture, livestock, fruit growing. Users can play through a complete production cycle from agriculture within the game, including the planting, fertilization and also the harvest of fruit. In realistic terms, the makers of the simulation game have dedicated special attention. So you can, for example, experience the day and night cycle of plants and trees in real time.

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Farm expert 2016 download

After the farm expert 2016 download, the user can play through the full range of activities on a farm. These include the raising of livestock, the plowing of fields, including the purchase and sale of products, farm management or the purchase of agricultural equipment. Users have access to a variety of fully licensed, realistic tractors and other agricultural machines.

Farm simulator with an option for fruit growing

As an innovation for the genre of agricultural simulators, the manufacturer emphasizes the ability to grow fruit. In many other simulators with free download from the area of ​​farm, farm and agriculture, the cultivation of crops is only possible.

Due to the complex’s construction and real-world tasks you can go to the farm expert 2016 download a lot of time to spend in order to grow and with the game or the simulated work everyday. In a playful way the simulator thereby promoting a sense of responsibility for the edit land and agricultural tasks. To break up also are available to the player additional tasks of other farmers.

release date

Release Date: May 22, 2015

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