Inserting Facebook disable & a "Social Pause"

Inserting Facebook disable & a “Social Pause”

Disable Facebook and concentrate on the important things in life! Who has enough of cat videos and Mondays status sayings, so can pause from the scourge of the modern world!

Whether in the browser or after the app anytime, anywhere check Likes after downlaod of Facebook, stalking Lover or krüpplige currywurst from snacks Post: Facebook is omnipresent in many lives. Who wants a break, can disable Facebook and set the service for a while shelved without deleting the account completely.

Facebook is one of both of the most used social networks as well as among the most visited websites. The reputation precedes the company and the criticism ranges from analyzing the user data back to spy foreign contacts; of glaring holes in data protection through to extremist postings.

Disable Facebook and meet real friends

Who, despite all the criticisms do not want to leave entirely, can temporarily disable Facebook. All data and postings are maintained during this phase, but are no longer available from others. Both the wall and the Predominant number (not all) of the posts disappear from the eyes of friends or colleagues; only via messenger sent messages remain the contacts. If you want to end his break, the account can be reactivated in a few steps.

disable the account in a few steps

After logging in the settings menu must first be called. This hides the far right behind the small arrow in the header of Facebook. This opens a new window by the security option must be selected on the left side. Here, the Disable option is your account the very bottom. Alternatively, this link can be followed.

Disable FacebookIn the settings, the option is to disable könnnen Facebook.

Now you have a set for the emergence of a number of possible reasons and the deactivation to be confirmed.

Facebook disable undGründe specifyAfter choosing a reason the deactivation can be completed.

All data remains (of course) and still get the account can be reactivated simply like so:

use Facebook again after disabling

Who wants to go the Facebook disable end his break, can activate his profile any problems. To launch app or access the website and sign in as usual with the user name and password. Profile and background image, posts and friends list are displayed exactly as before. For those that delete his account on facebook & would destroy all traces, here is the right guide. The procedure is a little more complicated and time-consuming; But even after deleting users have the ability to completely restore their profile again for 14 days. Only after this period, the data will be permanently deleted from Zuckerberg’s network.

Disable Facebook and reactivatePictures: Facebook.