in the Gotham stream Detective Gordon cleared up in Gotham City. The action takes place before the first appearance of Batman and shows the young Bruce Wayne and the career later Batman opponent and the police officer James Gordon. We tell you where the exciting adventures of the superhero later be available online and whether Gotham can be streamed via Netflix app for Netflix. To this end, learn more now!

Gotham Stream shows the emergence of some supervillains

The US hit series Gotham is another offshoot of the Batman comic book universe of DC Comics. this Warner Bros. Television is produced in cooperation with DC Entertainment and Primrose Hill Productions for the US broadcaster Fox. As it suggests the title, is Batman's Gotham later hometown in focus. Starring James Gordon, who still operates here as a detective of the Gotham City Police Department.

Gotham streamGotham stream as exciting history of Batman's adventures

The Gotham stream thus shows the history of Batman and also the emergence of some supervillain with which the superhero will deal known later. For example, emerges a young man named Oswald Cobblepot known to Batman fans as Penguin, The later police chief Gordon at this time is even easier detective who has to deal with corruption and violence within the police and politics.

Looking for the real killer of Bruce Waynes parents

The cop James Gordon tried together with his partner, the cynical Harvey Bullock, clean up Gotham in the booming underworld. They are also with the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, the parents of Bruce Wayne aka Batman. faced. They soon discover that they are almost defenseless against the machinations of the police, politics and mafia and gangster bosses like Salvatore Maroni, Fish Mooney or Falcone govern the city. Nevertheless succeeds Gordon to achieve success in the corrupt police station, which brings him not only friends among his colleagues.

Therefore, he will eventually demoted and ordered as a security guard to Arkham Asylum. There he meets the doctor Leslie Thompkins know that abuts later as a police medical examiner to the team. Other main characters besides Gordon and Cobblepot are Selina Kyle and the young Bruce Wayne. Bruce tries to find the real killer of his parents and comes across Selina, who claims to have witnessed the murder of his parents.

The Gotham Season 2 runs on free TV on ProSieben

The Gotham Season 1 aired in the US on Fox for the first time on 22 September 2014 and had the German speaking on 29 January 2015, ProSieben Fun premiere. Shortly thereafter, the free TV premiere followed the Gotham Season 1 from 10 February 2015 at ProSieben. The Gotham Season 2 ran from September 2015 to May 2016 on Fox and, since August 2016, first turn the pay-TV channel ProSieben Fun and shortly thereafter on ProSieben. The fans are already looking forward to the Gotham Season 3, which runs in the US from 19 September 2016th Only in the summer or autumn of 2017 is thus 3 in this country can be expected on ProSieben with the broadcast of the Gotham Season.

Gotham Stream Netflix available

Who wants to see Gotham online, uses the Gotham stream. This is a charge available on Amazon Video, iTunes and video load. The episodes of Gotham Season 3 are already in the original English. Netflix customers will be pleased to know that after all, the Gotham Season 1 is Netflix offer the popular movie flat rate.