Karaoke version

Karaoke version

Karaoke version holds a large pool of sing-along songs with custom-made backing tracks and karaoke videos ready. It is a download shop for karaoke MP3s, which also provides various free sing-along songs available, especially older traditional folk songs in several languages. The songs are not original versions, but nachgespielte backing tracks in an instrumental version, available with accompanying voices or vocals.

Karaoke Version Download: sing-along songs for the karaoke party

Karaoke is more popular than ever. All it needs is a song without vocals and matching lyrics and off you go. So there is no shortage of music input, provides various Karaoke Version Karaoke songs for free download ready. In addition to classics such as Jingle Bells, Amazing Grace, La Bamba, Greensleeves, When The Saints Go Marching In and Oh! Susannah are also represented free sing-along songs from the past decades. The music downloads by the music lover on request by language and genre.

Karaoke Version Download

Playback can be adapted to your own tone of voice

All titles are available in MP3 format and not violate any copyrights. The pitch of a song can be changed by clicking the arrow buttons. By clicking on the play button, the music lover, the result also belongs to the same. The Playback can be two semitones up or down transpose, to playback on their own pitch to adapt. However, especially the vocals should be noted that changes in the key affect the quality of the playback.

Accompanying songs, exercise title and playbacks download

Who organized a karaoke party, has the Karaoke Version Download the choice between the karaoke formats CDG, MP4, WMV and KFN. The WebApp provides karaoke songs, accompanying songs and exercise titles available for download, a total of 40,000 playbacks of professional quality, but most are not free. But there is also a special section, are included in the only free karaoke songs. Currently, 138 sing-along songs are represented there. To download the free karaoke songs, a customer and therefore a registration is required.

Karaoke Version Download Instruments

Special karaoke versions for guitar, drums and bass

Who then, for example, the song classics "House Of The Rising Sun" wants to load, has the choice of two instrumental version (backing tracks) and a track with vocals (cover). The tempo (80 BPM) and the key (A minor) are also indicated the duration (4:20 minutes). In addition, each noted for the sing-along songs, whether the title ends with or without fade out. For special instruments such as Guitar, drums and bass are special versions available with or without vocals. When Guitar playback following four versions are available: with singing without guitar without singing without guitar, singing and guitar, just guitar without other instruments. Similarly, the selection of Drums for or bass player.

Karaoke Version Download Classics

adjust vocals with sliders to your own desires

When individual MP3 playback of music lovers fit and complement your own desires with the slider Drums, bass, acoustic guitar, organ, lead guitar and vocals. Who selects karaoke song with lyrics, plays a Flash video in the typical Karoke style without song from the on-screen lyrics.