Of the UltraEdit download brings a whole bunch of tools for editing of different text formats on the computer. The Shareware is not only suitable for editing of documents in natural languages, but also for example for HTML or hexadecimal code.

UltraEdit Download: Editor for text and hex files

Programmers much easier UltraEdit thanks to the so-called syntax Lighting’s their job. It can enhance elements of different programming languages ​​in color from one another. Supported PC dialects of the editor is next to the already mentioned and C / C ++, Visual Basic and Java or Perl. In addition, UltraEdit has its own FTP client on board. With the help of this feature move Coder their finished projects from the program directly to the web server. In addition, the helper makes them useful in managing existing databases and organize locally dropped files and directories.

UltraEdit download

UltraEdit is so all in all a comfortable editor for text and various programming languages. As a universal text editor for programmers and web designers, he looks good. The editor can be adapted to your own wishes and needs it quite flexible. An interesting alternative in 0 Euro segment on the popular Notepad ++.

Limitations of UltraEdit

30 day trial