So you can install the Internet Explorer!

If repeats the same problems, a new installation is advisable. Now figure out how to do it and reinstall Internet Explorer! Internet Explorer is still one of the most popular Web browsers. According to a recent study by Webmasterpro he continues to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome the third most used browser. Who it does not: Here you can download the latest version of Internet Explorer for free.

reinstall Internet ExplorerSo you can install the Internet Explorer! (Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

What sets this browser from Microsoft by other browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera or Safari, for example, the integrated VoIP client Skype. There is also a reading mode for websites that displays the plain text content simply formatted and integrated "Share" feature included in the latest version of the making of screenshots that can be sent easily by mail or Twitter.

reinstall Internet Explorer - Here's how!

Sometimes it may happen that repeated the same problem in the use of Internet Explorer occurs. Uninstalling and reinstalling is advisable if the program crashes, for example, after opening again or freezes, pages are not displayed correctly or are empty, and restart the PC, installing new updates or resetting browser settings not the desired improvement brings. What to note when you uninstall and how to install the Internet Explorer is described in the following step-by-step instructions. Thus, the Internet Explorer will be uninstalled and then reinstalled (Windows 8) Because Internet Explorer in Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 is integrated, it can not be uninstalled. However, you can disable the software. In this case it is advisable to To disable browser and then re-enable to fix errors. How it works: By touch-screen operation is wiped first from the right side of the screen to the inside, then taps on the "Search" field. one uses the Windows 8.1- or Windows RT 8.1 PC with a mouse, we come to the "Search" field, by tackling the pointer in the lower right corner and then runs upwards. Whether via touch screen or mouse operation: In the "Search" field is added in the second step "Windows Features" and select the "Settings" options "Windows features on or off" from. After that, you only have to clear the check boxes in the dialog box. After a system restart of Internet Explorer is now removed from the computer. Internet Explorer is reinstalled or activated in the same way. uninstall Internet Explorer and reinstall Windows 7 Because Microsoft has rolled out 11 Internet Explorer on Windows 7 via automatic update feature, you go here as follows: First, click on the Start button in the bottom left and are in the search window "Programs and Features" field. In the new dialog window is then selected in the left menu area "View installed updates" from the point. In the list that appears in the right pane, you will look for the file named "Internet Explorer 11". With a right mouse click you can "uninstall" the update. The then following query is answered with "Yes". Depending on the system, the uninstaller may take some time to complete. After rebooting, you can now work or to the Internet Explorer 9 install the appropriate version of Internet Explorer. reinstall Internet Explorer prior uninstallation(Screenshot: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)