Change WhatsApp status – how it works!

Today mk tomorrow hott: Proverbs quickly lose joke. How to change the WhatsApp status, is here. sweeten now friends the day! What was funny today, may be out again tomorrow: Who would not get bored his friends and contacts on WhatsApp and keep up to date, should now and then his Change WhatsApp Status. How it works is described in the following instructions. Change WhatsApp Status

Change WhatsApp status made easy

WhatsApp is still one of the most popular messenger services, even after the acquisition by Facebook, which was seen in the media and the social web next resoundingly great privacy Fail. Many users have apparently accustomed to the ease of use, or are simply too lazy to switch to another provider. After all, most friends are already at WhatApp. In addition, the messenger app can be used by different mobile platforms: From Android smartphones to BlackBerry and Windows Phone to iPhone. A detour to WhatsApp can also use on the iPad.

WhatsApp status as digital doorbell

Especially a lot of attention is paid to WhatsApp status sayings. They are like the second, digital doorbell. Only is not the name, but a short spell to bringing the contacts at best smile. Often the function is also used to share with friends on the current state of mind or, more generally, to say things that employ a straight. But things known to change from time to time. How to change the WhatsApp status, will therefore be described in the following instructions. So changing the status with WhatsApp 1&# 46; Step: one is provided that even at WhatsApp logged in the Messenger app is first opened. Then you will access the menu. Here you have the choice for various sub-items such as "New Chat", "New Group", "New Broadcast List", "Contacts" "Settings" and "Status". Clicking on status it continues. 2&# 46; step: After clicking you get to the page with the status options. At the top is the user's current status. By default, is here with all users of saying "Hey there! entered I am using WhatsApp. ". 3&# 46; step: By clicking on the pencil icon, you can replace the default spell by its own. Those who want to enter any personal message at this point can select additional prefabricated status messages at the bottom of, for example, "Available", "In the cinema" or "In a Meeting". Change WhatsApp Status Instructions Meanwhile, the WhatsApp Status awards on its way to becoming as popular as Twitter messages. If you are still unsure, maybe found in our top 10 list of the funniest sayings WhatsApp status inspiration. Just try and bring friends with original sayings to smile!