With the RoomSketcher Download as a facilities planner one can easily make design the layout of their own dream apartment and set them also the same as you wish. Walls can be draw to scale, move and provide the rooms with matching furniture.

By RoomSketcher Download for planning one’s own dream home

More than 5000 genuine products are in this room planner to choose from. Also on board are many well-known manufacturers, IKEA and Grohe to Bang & Olufsen and Rolf Benz. The operation of RoomSketcher is comfortable: Wall colors, flooring, cabinets and kitchen furniture is in the WebApp simply drag&Drop; pulled in the blueprint. First, the user is dedicated course once you create the perfect floor plan and then placed windows, doors and partitions. The floors and the walls give the desired material and design before you can finally get down to the first virtual walk through their own apartment.

RoomSketcher Download

Projects of other users can be considered

In a survey are in RoomSketcher Download numerous projects of other users to view to disposal. These can be used as inspiration and basis for your own layouts. The designs saves the user so that he can always continue to work. Snapshots in 3D hold their own designs. The camera can be moved freely for this is to accommodate the desired range.

Professional floor plans and 3D interactive site visits

In addition, can be 360 ° panoramas design quickly and easily. The interior is then displayed as if you were standing right in the room. So the Wohnungseinrichter get the right impression of the furniture. Especially the different possibilities of view and the 360 ​​° views ensure realistic planning and a good sense of space. Those who want to show their own housing projects friends and acquaintances who can present it directly from the program via Facebook or Twitter.

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Simple plans without installation

Of the RoomSketcher Download allows fast, easy planning of your own home directly on the net. Without installing the freeware can be used as a web app and start in all popular web browsers. A Flash support is provided however.

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Free Download RoomSketcher provides all essential functions

The free version is perfectly adequate for the average user. Those who want to use additional graphics and panoramic views in photorealistic quality, uses the paid VIP version. In addition, a Pro license is available which considered as a target group mainly commercial facilities planner or interior designer. More equipment and residential planners are available in our download area.

Limitations RoomSketcher

The Free version is free for private use. Paid VIP and Pro licenses with advanced func Onen available from the manufacturer. These include, inter alia, high-resolution floor plans, 3D photos and order finished floor plans.