Mandala Creator

Mandala Creator

With the Mandala Designer Download You can create beautiful coloring pages, save as PDF and print on the fly.

find inner peace with the free download Mandala Designer

Coloring Pages for adults are just the latest trend. Whether Ryan Gosslin or a sexy Red Riding Hood – the selection of templates storm currently on the market, seems almost limitless. But why spend a lot of money on coloring books, if one designer download can create customized templates free and according to their own taste with the mandala. A click on the download button leads to the site of the mandala Creators of STAEDTLER. Here can be put together the most beautiful pattern with a few clicks. For it can be created and configured a total of six levels (circles so).

Mandala Designer DownloadMandala Designer Download leads to an easy to use interface. (Picture: STAEDTLER Mars GmbH Germany)

Creating a mandala: step by step

First, any level you select. It must not act forcibly hierarchical one, since the circles can all be edited equivalent. By clicking patterns to choose from the first motif of his mandala. There is a choice between the simple “basics” that the provider makes available, and created by artists elements that are clearly of difficult and graceful. Subsequently can be defined, how often, where and how the item should appear. These are the following possibilities:

  1. Number of elements: how the selected scene will often appear in the mandala?
  2. Size of elements: how big your chosen subject be?
  3. Rotation of the members: In the angle at which the element should be presented?
  4. Size of the plane (the circle): What is the scope assumes this level?
  5. Rotation of the plane (the circle): How should the county as a whole aligned?

Level by level can now be created, the individual rings of the mandala and edited. Following the work can easily save as PDF and print.

Tip: you want in the center of the mandala only one element, the slider must be pushed completely to the left under the item level.

Mandala Designer Download ExampleWhether simple or how complex here: The Mandala Creator can do both. (Picture: STAEDTLER Mars GmbH Germany)

Different levels of difficulty with the Mandala Creator

After Mandala Designer download both simple and highly complex Mandalas can be created. Depending on how many levels you add what items you choose and how often they are integrated. This means that the tool is for both the young and for the creation of coloring pages for adults. Most works can be published on Instagram under #myCreativeEscape after coloring. With any luck, there are not only Likes but also to win a prize.