World boss

World boss

In the free World Chef App the dream may be practiced by its own small restaurant first without financial investment. We are looking for capable restaurateurs who manage to make their restaurant world famous for wonderful food, great service and pleasant atmosphere.

World Chef app: Free restaurant simulation

The Spanish team of developers Social Point, known by apps such as Dragon City and Monster Legends, has exchanged his dragon stories to culinary delights. Instead of breeding small fire dragons or monsters, the user should slip into this game app in the role of a restaurateur. So it is at the World Chef Android Game a restaurant simulation. The player’s task is to make the restaurant world-famous through strategic skills and excellent cooking skills.

World Chef AppThe World Chef app searches successful restaurateurs

The download offered here is suitable for Android devices from version 4.0. The app, which gives it the way also for iOS is free, but refinanced via in-app item that can cost around 100 euros up to.

World Chef Android makes you hungry

Typical of this type of simulation the player starts very modest, with a small unassuming restaurant. Now the restaurant so you have to fill with guests. This works to the player by preparing delicious dishes and ensures all guests. So you slowly climb the career ladder. The more you have cooked, the more possibilities arise.

Soon, one can expand his restaurant and create new space for even more guests. The design and decoration of the restaurant as well as the selection of the right chefs and service staff can determine success or failure. Not least creativity in the kitchen and fresh ingredients are important factors to make the restaurant popular and attract thus demanding VIPs.

World Chef App DecorationRemove the restaurant in World boss to taste and decorate

Waiting times and different chefs

The player will quickly notice at the World Chef app that speed does not matter. It is neither required, nor is the part of the app. Say, you have to be prepared for long waits in the preparation of the dishes – that is, however, sometimes a bit annoying, because then you can not do anything for this time (sometimes around 15 minutes).

Who can not be deterred, can, the larger it is, bring new chefs into play. There are, among others, a burger master, a Sushi Chef and Grillprofi and a pasta As for unusual Italian dishes.