Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark App combines three tools for the perfect Internet or social media presence: Spark Post, Spark and Spark Video Page.

Adobe praises the three tools as "new storytelling complete solution" to, with the expressive stories can be created and shared with no prior knowledge, and in a few steps.Actually, Adobe has already released similar products under the name of Adobe Post Adobe and Adobe Slate Voice. With the relaunch of the tools have been enhanced with new, fancy such useful functions as well as a practical application.

Adobe Spark AppThe Adobe Spark app is split into three mobile applications + Web App. Image: Adobe.

Adobe Spark app: The right setting for each story

All three applications are both mobile in the browser via Web app completely free usable. Users simply need to pre-register via Facebook or e-mail address and accept the Terms and Conditions and have their own story can be visually stunning and modern staged. Adobe has for three main areas - at least mobile - separate: social media posts, web presentations and videos:

1. Adobe Spark Post

Step by step, the Adobe Spark app by creating modern postings. When the text format (such as Facebook or Instagram) and font can be selected in an instant, layout. In no time impressive results can be achieved as with which many hip Berlin Mitte agency only can be hard to keep up. In addition, the works of art created can share via the link simplistic and even provided with a slogan that is simply selected from a drop-down menu.

2. Adobe Spark Page

Exciting Web presentations including photos, collages, slideshows, videos and text can be created with Adobe Spark Page easy. The contents can be easily added via click and processed. Various themes make it suitable both for the layout, as well as a uniform and professional-looking impression.

3. Adobe Spark Video

In an amazingly simple way animated videos can be produced with Adobe Spark App Video: User can choose between different templates to bring the animation in the perfect form fitting. Again, the program guides you step by step through the various stages of animation creation, so that even beginners achieve stunning results.