Android Sync Manager WiFi

Android Sync Manager WiFi connects mobile phones with Android operating system with Windows - wirelessly via WLAN. The freeware provides after logging in on the smartphone for the comparison of data such as contacts, emails, photos, videos or apps.

Android Sync Manager WiFi Download & Configuration on the phone

In order for the Sync Manager can begin its work, two important conditions must be met. First: In addition to the Android Sync Manager WiFi Download the user on his Android must also the matching app installed to have. The so-called Sync Manager Agent is also available for free. The second condition is that both devices - both the Windows PC and the Smartphone - connected to the same Wi-Fi are. Has the sync tool and the corresponding app counterpart installed on the phone, both programs can be started. Here the user expects initially a small login process: Thus, the mobile application the IP address of the phone and a PIN ready, both then in the menu under Settings and then entered connections. The installation of the freeware so it runs everything from quick and easy in all. Now, both devices are connected to each other and one has ** on the PC access to all mobile data **.

Android Sync Manager WiFi Download

Manual data synchronization with Android Sync Manager WiFi

Are Download from Android Sync Manager WiFi, installation and configuration on the PC and smartphone complete, you can conveniently access from the computer to the data of the Android phones now. As it is known by other Downloads for synchronizing files, even this sync Professional has all the possible options for a smooth data synchronization. All data such as contacts, emails, messages, but also multimedia files such as videos and photos can now easily synchronize with the computer. The synchronization works all the data manually. Say, the user can also choose from the files or folders you want to your PC. Then just the photos or musicFiles by dragging & Drop to the computer pull. The nice thing about the manager is that with the larger screen, All data is stored much clearer is and easier.

Android Sync Manager WiFi Download Multimedia

Easily Synchronize Outlook and multimedia files

In addition, allows the freeware, synchronize data with Outlook. Version 2003 and therefore all contacts, e-mails, and appointments can be synchronized. That one with the Android Sync Manager WiFi Download and multimedia content such as music, video files and photos effortlessly switch between phone and PC, and can procrastinate, is just as pleasing. However, in this context, two points should be noted: In general, the data synchronization is of course a bit slower than a USB connection. This is not tragic, but the user should note that the battery consumption of the mobile phone is highly stressed. So rather keep ready a charging cable.

Android Sync Manager WiFi Download apps

Anyone who wants can also take advantage of access to installed apps on the phone and browse a large screen in the Android Market. On built-in file manager and backup function completes the Android connection software. Useful Sync Manager for Android owners The free Android Sync Manager WiFi is building a wireless bridge between the world of Windows and mobile phones with Android OS. Who the accompanying Android app installed on your smartphone next to the freeware will be rewarded with a variety of options for data synchronization.