The Settlers of Catan – The Dice Game

The Settlers of Catan - The Dice Game brings the Cube version of the classic board game from Germany on the computer. Similar to the real role model roll the dice again, falter on the player's raw material supply and can be converted into roads or settlements or cities.

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at "The settlers of Catan" is it is a book published in 1995 Board game by Klaus Teuber, in which players build on the fictional island of Catan settlements. These ensure that resource revenues, which in turn roads and other cities to be built. For the safety of their own settlements, the player knights charged with the defense. He is rewarded with victory points for the built settlements and towns as well as for trade routes and knights power.

Settlers of Catan Download

Game-long tutorial helps beginners in Settlers of Catan

the players are per turn after Settlers of Catan Download and the application three litters with the commodity dice to. From the results obtained it chooses click of a mouse the most useful cubes and converts them into meaningful if possible structures. Those who know the board game of the social gathering with friends or family here, the likely make the browser version no significant problems. Newcomers is a friendly lady named Marlene with a play accompanying tutorial to help. So beginners are quickly familiar with the tricks and gimmicks of Catan Dice game.

Player rolls three times with six special dice

Also in the Cube version of Settlers of Catan, the player is expanding its settlements, roads and cities. This cost the same raw materials as its big brother, the player must turn erwürfeln. He is trying for each move up to three times with six special dice his luck. After each throw he can invest a portion of the die to the side or make them roll all the dice a second time.

Settlers of Catan Download Tutorial

The first road is already finished in Settlers of Catan

carry the dice Symbols of Catan raw materials. There are out of wood, clay, wool, grain, ore and gold displayed. For the construction of a road and a settlement of the players, for example, requires matching throws for two wood, clay twice and once each grain and wool. When the game starts, the first road is already finished. This forms the basis for other streets. A city or Settlement must of course only be tackled if it is connected with a road. Therefore, the player is often faced with the difficult decision of whether to join a more lucrative, but difficult-to-build city or to take care of only the less rewarding, but easier-to-build housing estate.

Knight can be used as a Joker

Also useful are the Catan knight. Who has such a knight, unique uses the Raw material of a landscape as The Joker. He may make a dice on the side with the raw material which is available as a Joker after the third roll. All points scored are listed in one of the 15 boxes and totaled the points to the total score after 15 laps.

Settlers of Catan Download webapp

suitable for a quick game on the PC The browser version can not compete with the real template certainly in terms of fun and especially socializing. For a speedy games besides the Settlers of Catan download but is always. Incidentally, the board game-based, entitled Catan has now been implemented for the computer. However, this is shareware and requires Windows 8.1 ahead.