Windows 7 Speech: The PC speaks

As a child you loved reading aloud by parents before bedtime. As an adult, can take on this role of the PC. Addons teach the computer to speak. Tip the ears.

Windows speech output for different purposes

Your PC can talk. What still sounded a few years ago by science fiction, today is a reality thanks to software support. Visually Impaired be assisted in the operation by audio output. That's a real workload. But the voice output of documents can be pleasant: So one saves sometimes long reading sessions. We show you ways of speech - and voice control will be an issue.

Activate Windows 7 Speech

Windows 7 SpeechWindows 7 brings standard with a voice output function reads keystrokes and window contents. To activate it, click begin, (All programs, equipment, Ease and speech. Here you can specify the events that will be read from the speech. Besides the already mentioned keystrokes to include system messages.

Windows 7 Speech with freeware

Who is less about the speech as an aid, but the reading of texts goes, should take a look at Balabolka toss. The freeware draws on Microsoft's Speech API and reading beside documents and content from the clipboard before. Before Balabolka speaks German, it needs to be fed with the German language pack. Even with ** ** DSpeech the PC learns to speak. The software reads input texts and even websites. One can also go the opposite way: through voice input to control the PC. These commands must be included and linked to the appropriate Windows actions. Balabolka DSpeech

Voice input instead of Speech

Windows Speech Recognition MacrosVoice input is the right keyword for the Windows Speech Recognition Macros. As with DSpeech the teaching with the appropriate voice commands takes place before the actual voice control. Even if the device takes some time to complete, so you will appreciate the ease later thanks to spoken commands. With these programs, your computer is learning to speak and listen to your voice. Have fun! Coming Soon in blog: German language edition under Windows - To prepare for.