Google Maps Saver

Google Maps Saver

Of the Google Maps Saver Download stores maps and even satellite images from the popular Google directions and from Open Street Maps for later use. So are cards without mobile internet connection available and can be printed out and also take away.

Google Maps offline use with the Google Maps Saver Download

G Maps likely most users be a household name. The Web App provides numerous details about POIs and satellite imagery and chic city tours by Street View next navigation data and route information. However, the download the free route planner is not possible, the application is only available with an internet connection is available. Who does not have a mobile web connection, or knowingly in an area with poor Connection travels, looking at the tube. are indeed one can manage a screenshot and just save some pictures from the browser, really detail due to the limited resolution but mostly not – unless you save tens of still images with high resolution. The Google Maps Saver saves this Sisyphean task, stores high-resolution maps on the hard drive and allows so, Google Maps offline to use. Here are the following Various map views to disposal:

  • map: Conventional road map
  • Satelite1: Satellite image in the style of Google Earth
  • Satelite2: Satellite image with additional on-screen street names
  • terrain: Conventional road map including terrain

Add Google Maps in different resolutions

Addresses are used as from the web app, simply typed into a search box. Whether that is now a city, a concrete road, or GPS data, does not matter to GMS. Now After clicking on Go To Location loading the map. The last entries are incidentally in a drop-down menu prepared simply by clicking to choose from. Depending on the set at Map size resolution that may take a little while because under certain circumstances significantly more data to be loaded, as is shown on the screen. Because Google Maps loads whenever the zoom factor is changed by the user, dynamic data after. The Google Maps Saver sending you can also display quite a large overview map, which thanks to a high resolution then in increasing the view without reloading displays more details. But this is true only for navigation maps. Satellite images can be even larger, but the zooming of an overall view of a city up in the front yard of Grandma is not possible. That would probably overkill, which would be immense amount of data to be transferred.

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Google Maps Saver Download

Practical: There are many presets for the resolution ready. The one hand, standard resolutions for different graphic formats, on the other hand also a lot of custom device profiles such as iPod Nano, Nokia N-series or Nintendo DS. If the desired resolution loaded, can be save maps as BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF or TIFF.

Google Maps Saver Download sample card

edit and print maps

In order, for example, to set markers on the map, Google Maps Saver is a convenient way, the current view on the Brush button Paint with Microsoft Paint to open directly to the Windows default picture editor. Alternatively, the previously stored image file can but open Notepad course with any other Picture. In addition, a button for printing, including print preview is included. The seemingly should have the option to print the stored maps across multiple pages. However, the division into several pages did not really succeed in a brief test with our printer. Here is apparently Try eating.

Limitations of Google Maps Saver

Google Maps Saver is free only for personal use.