Spotify notice: Quick get rid of the subscription!

To this Spotify notice you have to talk if you want to give up the premium account. Here are the key facts & Conditions for the resolution of the subscription for future reference!

Spotify is currently the largest provider of music streaming in the highly competitive market. The Swedish company is not only music, but also radio plays and books ready for playback. Users can use the service with the web player directly in the browser or after the Spotify app on your smartphone and tablet. In addition to the ad-free, but paid subscription, there is also a free model with limited functions and advertising.

Spotify comply with notice

Nothing easier than that, because the notice is made online at any time within the paid month. A Spotify notice in the proper sense does not exist then. Only who his entire account - not just the paid subscription - will announce a period of 14 days must be observed. This notice then, however, invalidate the free access to Spotify.

Spotify noticeThe subscription can be canceled at any time; Spotify a notice does not exist.

simply terminate the premium subscription online

Because there is no Spotify notice, the subscription can be terminated at any time. As the streaming service always leaves his performance pay in advance a month, so may be terminated by the end of the period booked. That's how it works:

  1. First, the account must be called. This is behind the profile picture.
  2. By clicking View Account users reach your account overview and to their booked subscription. This is also visible when the subscription can be no earlier terminated.
  3. can be reached via the button Subscription to manage their own profile
  4. After you select the bottom option to manage the subscription.
  5. Now select the point of termination.
  6. Spotify now asks users for the reason of their termination.
  7. After selecting a reason the process with more to be confirmed.
  8. terminate after a new password prompt and click on Spotify Premium subscription to the premium status go again.

Following a confirmation page, which verifies the notice appears. Who uses the Spotify app or program installed on the computer can be used in almost similar steps as described above and about the subscription notice - even with your smartphone or tablet! Spotify offers its customers a very convenient way to manage their account and decentralized services or activate.

Note: Spotify were booked over a longer period, a prior notice and repayment of parts of the already paid amount is not possible. In this case, the subscription will however automatically after expiry of the period paid.