Delete Badoo: Find it online and by mail!

Who delete Badoo wants to can access our step-by-step instructions. The Dating Badoo makes its members, not easy to leave the online community again. As reveal how clear the Badoo Account Works fastest and should be aware of what members of the dating portal there. For this to learn more!

Delete Badoo and completely log off the account

The Single and Dating Badoo exists since 2006 and is growing in popularity. More than 100 million users try after the Badoo app download at the Match game to snatch new dates. Quick and easy to become a member in the dating portal that is well linked to social networks like Facebook and Google+. A little more difficult to get rid of the membership again and delete the Badoo profile so that its own data not circulating on the dating portal and Dating is.

Badoo unsubscribe to reveal any personal information more

Who wants to terminate Badoo, can delete their profile at any time. The reasons are diverse users. Many is annoyed by the offers of dating services, others have given up looking for a partner, and still others have already found their dream man or her dream woman in the portal and want to completely remove their own Badoo profile to be spared from further inquiries stay. After all, will not be charged in the base version with a Badoo user account. This is only the case if someone has opted for the premium features of the dating network. Therefore, there are certainly countless corpses account in the single market. Even if a cancellation is therefore not absolutely necessary, it does make sense to remove Badoo to reveal any personal data on the platform. Another advantage: Who be Badoo profile removed from then promotional e-mails remains spared from Badoo.

delete BadooDelete Badoo and destroy all the data of the own profile.

delete the Badoo can be done within 30 days reversed

should be carefully considered unsubscribe step at Badoo. Delete After Badoo profile land all the news and pictures in the eternal digital hunting grounds and can no longer be restored by the user. After all, Badoo offers to make within 30 days of the deletion reversed if you would nevertheless should change your mind and want to continue to remain a member of Dating.

Two different options when Badoo Delete profile

There are two different procedures for Badoo delete. Those who want to make it easy to write an e-mail to the Badoo customer service. This is addressed to [email protected] and contains its own customer data, so that the correct account can be deleted. As a second option, you can delete the Badoo themselves take it in hand. Badoo sets while the users some obstacles in the way before the own account is actually deleted. So you should pay close attention to which of the available links you click.

First, the Badoo customer logs in with their own account information. After Badoo Login he clicks on Settings and decides to uphold the option Delete profile. For this step to re-enter own password is required. Badoo will ask you for a reason for the cancellation. However, it is not necessary to answer this. Then clicking on Delete the account will be removed and the user will find a mail in his mailbox with which he could restore one's account within 30 days. After this period, all your data, messages and pictures are gone for good.