Of the File Commander Download can be used as a good substitute and as an alternative to Windows Explorer and is known as the manufacturer itself "Swiss army knife file managers" designated.

File Commander Download: file manager with a two-pane view

Where in-house Windows file manager sweeps the sails and so can miss some important function of the Commander File scores with many useful features. The current edition goes with Windows 8 and 8.1 and managed alongside file management functions now also any number of text blocks. The German-language file management program has a clear graphical interface to move files, copy, rename, to pack and unpack or burn. The file search, connect to network drives and drive management, encryption and editing files are on the menu of the German file manager.

File Commander Download

The surface of the Commander file can be customized

The learning curve is low even for beginners, as explained most of the functions on its own. In addition, the surface can be customized completely to your own taste and to the respective requirements. With an Explorer and two work-simultaneous views it is available for most actions plenty of work space for all file operations. For carrying out the various actions the user either the menu or alternatively use the toolbar or practical keyboard shortcuts can.

File Shredder and virtual notepad on board

Other integrated tools are, for example, a picture viewer with an EXIF ​​support, the ability to slideshows and slideshows as well as create an FTP and e-mail tool. There are also useful tools like a file shredder, synchronizing and comparing directories, a drive info, creating checksums, playing CDs and media files, a scheduler which shut down at the request of the PC and a virtual notepad.

File Commander download Tools

New File Commander Version now with IBAN calculator

There is also a Google search, a Windows optimizer and a system cleaner and a tool for making screenshots. New on board are in the current version in the address tool integrated IBAN calculator and a SSL support through the internal mail program. Those looking for more file manager will find it in our very extensive download offer. Versatile File Manager saves time and effort Not only the major functions, but also the thoughtful goodies, such as a special resolution for netbooks, make the File Commander Download an effective and efficient replacement for the sometimes slightly limited Windows Explorer. Who uses the alternate file manager saves during everyday file works much time and labor.

Limitations of File Commander

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