Spotify costs: a premium worth subscription?

Spotify costs provide users with a dilemma. Advertising annoying, but who wants to voluntarily pay the free service? Learn to see if it's worth it! Spotify is a music streaming service, which is available both as an app for mobile devices as well as software for desktop computers. Users the installation file from Spotify can be downloaded for free and then have access to over 60 million songs.

What are the costs Spotify?

The customized Internet radio is perfectly legal and is financed by subscriptions and advertising clients. Of the Music service can be used for free, However, the free offer has some limitations compared to the premium version. Currently Spotify Premium is offered for 9.99 euros a month, which students have to pay only half. The account access to all formats, so no separate accounts must be set up for the home computer and the smartphone. free Spotify Users of mobile devices should not forget that this is a streaming service. Without access to the WIFI high data consumption can occur, at worst, is reflected in the next mobile phone bill.

Spotify free and premium - what are the differences?

who with Spotify music free from the computer hears is constantly interrupted in his listening pleasure through advertising. The range of annoying Einspieler of movie advertising reaches towards the application of recently published albums. The own taste in music seems to play no role, because classical music is frequently interrupted by German rap and metal playlist has guest appearances by pop star of the week. At the regular interval of about three songs remembering that all commercials can be switched off for an extra charge comes. The frequent self-promotion has principle: The provider makes most of its revenue through paid handset and aggressive advertising is to encourage them to subscribe. Users of mobile Spotify app are not bombarded with advertising without premium account, but the player will play all the songs only in the shuffle setting again. Just for lovers well-arranged albums that's a horror. Spotify Cost Advertising Once you have decided to pay the costs Spotify, eliminating all advertising and mobile devices will receive the extended functions of the player. also allows Spotify Premium to offline mode. Paying customers can download their playlists as MP3 files and do not require standing internet connection to play the songs.

Spotify ad-free and free without premium possible

Whoever hears primarily from the computer with an Internet connection music and just want to turn off the advertising, can dispense with the following trick to a premium account. For this you open the Spotify web player in the browser with AdBlock, instead of in a separate application window. Ad blocking attacks even when the streaming service and all the music is played without commercial breaks. Unfortunately, there is in mobile app no ​​alternative but to pay the costs Spotify, if you want to use the music service as a full-fledged player. However, the premium version may be more favorable by the offline mode for expensive mobile phone contracts. If you are not sure whether the investment is worthwhile, the premium subscription is testing 30 days and then decide.