The free ACleaner blurred incurred on user activity traces on the computer. The freeware deletes user specified data groups such as recently used documents, the temporary cache and history in web browsers, cookies and much more. In addition, the helper deletes user data from more than 100 popular Windows applications and admits the Windows system database registry for. The English ACleaner divided the individual workers by categories such as "Cleaner". "registry" and "tool", Here define users which areas should sift through the freeware and clean. In this way, for example, traces of Internet usage can be selectively delete, or reset the document history in Windows. Furthermore overrides on request ACleaner deleted data with a random sequence of numbers several times, so that can not be deleted data restore. The built-in registry scanner detects and removes errors in the system database. Use the backup function can always undo any changes to the registry. Practical: the so-called boss key, which minimizes all open browser windows at your fingertips. ACleaner makes a series of measures for a good protection of privacy in Windows. The freeware eliminates personal data tracks easily and quickly while ensuring the built registry scanner for a stable working operating system.