Google Rewards Center: Beware of alleged lottery!

If you surf every day with your phone through the net, which is perhaps already an annoying pop-up from Google Rewards Center appeared. A lottery, allegedly by Google, promises great prizes. But beware: This is a pure data collection scam! Here you find out how you can protect you!

Fake lottery through the Google Rewards Center

Actually, they annoy above all annoying pop-up advertisements that suddenly block the entire mobile phone screen and can often not even click away properly. Sometimes it helps just to close the browser. Help actually provide only anti-advertising measures such as surfing with Adblock browser Android. But most of us are probably always on the go with the Google Chrome app, Firefox, Safari, or which browser.

Such advertising, which hides are stored behind some big names, is an alleged competition from Google Rewards Center. They say you was selected as one of ten lucky and now I have the chance of hefty profits such as smart phones or consoles. What to do: three simple questions about Google answer in a limited time.

But not only: After answering the questions - here it is even care if your answers it right or wrong - your leads namely to a new page, be interrogated in the very different things:

Google Rewards CenterSuch pop-ups, such as Google Rewards Center should your encounter with caution. (Image: Screenshot Editor)

specify not just personal data in the network

It will be asked for your email address. Who gives this must even further specify circumstances. And then, is who would have thought to discover the potential profit no trace. Your data? Are now thought to be resold. The result: An inbox full of strange promotional e-mails, dubious sweepstakes and more spam.

The imprint of the page you come to the operators of various lottery portals that toleadoo GmbH. The sides, including the very famous, were already often criticized because they advertise a coupon that guide users into expensive subscription traps. Stupid, is always referred to costs incurred in the small print. Techniques like the passing of the time the user but is made pressure so that it precisely this fine print so quickly certainly not read through.

Legally, the site operators are thus protected, however. It is even noted that the data be shared with advertisers. This can even deselect often, but it is then, sinking the chances of winning or participation is no longer possible. Since the whole competition but does not exist, which is then not care. Say: You can it therefore be directly and easily keep your email address for you.

However, it noted: Google this site has nothing to do. Just as the Google Rewards Center. This because there are not the part of Google. By the way, there are those pop-ups with names of other large companies such as Microsoft, O2 and Telekom. Again, the companies have nothing to do even with the advertising.

Google Rewards Center threatNot only competitions, also alleged threats confuse users. Again, this is fake)!

Own data protection!

Conclusion: You should not simply pass your data on the network. Your discovered an alleged lottery, be very careful. Rarely stuck reputable providers behind it. Sure go however you can if your earlier a little investigating and you just look at the imprint and compares it to the actual on the page. Stay away it is especially with such offers that provide you under time pressure. This is simply not the serious kind.

Equally annoying and even creepy are alleged warnings of viruses. Again, keep calm, really the whole is certainly not.

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