upgrade with the free OCZ Toolbox owners of OCZ SSD firmware its solid state disk and check with the built-in tools, the functions of fast disk. To start OCZ Toolbox, the .exe file with administrator rights must be called. The tool updated to request the firmware of the SSD Agility 4, 4 Vertex and Vertex 2. In addition to the free firmware updates OCZ Toolbox provides an overview of SMART parameters of the SSD. In addition, the free tool performs on demand from a so-called Secure Erase, with which one irrevocably deletes all the data on the SSD and the plate put back in the working condition. The OCZ Toolbox is very useful in the management and firmware update OCZ SSDs. The manufacturer recommends before using the tools to make a backup of all the data, because all data can be lost in case of improper use. The use of OCZ Toolbox takes place as always at your own risk.