Magix Music Maker Jam

invites Magix Music Maker Jam from music specialists Magix one making music in Windows 8. With the free Metro app to mix loops and Styles own favorite tracks together - even without Musikvorkenntnisse. The surface of Magix Music Maker Jam assigns the various tools like step sequencers, instrument controllers and effect filters clearly in the main view. If necessary, the tool currently required displayed in full size in the view, which provides a user-friendly user interface. With free Magix Music Maker Jam music lovers chooses to hearing instruments, harmonies and effects filters with just a few mouse clicks and binds the loops and styles to their own taste to all the tracks together. Nice touches such as variable speed, pitch, and 8-track mixer complete music kit. Practical: Own Projects can be stored and can always be retrieved. Magix Music Maker Jam turns any PC user a music producer. The professional SoundBits are perfectly matched to each other and add to the creative mix to very individual songs together. The support of different music genres like Dubstep, TechHouse, Hip Hop, Dance, Ambient, Chillout, RnB Soul, Big Beat, Down Beat, rock and jazz music should appeal to many tastes. Still no Windows 8 Then perhaps the "conventional" Music Maker worth a look: MAGIX Music Maker