Who is his show downloads would be capable of using the browser or via the File Explorer. out here where the downloaded files in Firefox, Chrome & to hide Co.!

Where is now the downloaded software again? On the desktop it is not to be discovered? Often disappear downloaded files in Nirvana - but only seemingly. With these four variants also the craziest locations can locate and find long-lost downloads. And so one after the download of Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer can feel the elements sought to:

It Global View on PC Downloads

For each browser, the location may be stored in the downloaded files, be predetermined. The default is usually the folder Downloads. This can be quite easily in most cases File Explorer under the option this PC Find. Alternatively, you can track the download using the search function, but only if you have not prepared the correct name. A third - and the fastest - variant is out the call of the downloaded file from the respective browser.

How it works in Chrome

If you like it fast, Chrome like. And who wants to leave quickly view his downloads, makes out directly from the Google browser. To do this click on the icon with the three lines on the right side next to the address field for the URL. It opens a window with the main menu and set the option downloads can be found as the fourth point. If you select this, you get a chronological list of all downloaded items and this can directly call if their location does not change or were not deleted. The procedure can even faster way, with the key combination Ctrl + J.

show downloadsView in Chrome downloads.

track downloads in Firefox

The key combination Ctrl + J also works in Mozilla Firefox. Alternatively, you can downloads be displayed by clicking on the icon with the downward-pointing arrow. In the window that opens either the last download or the complete history of the downloaded files can now be called. Double-click on the desired file, it can be opened from the Mozilla browser.

Show Downloads FirefoxSo it'll work in Firefox.

Sun Explorer is accessed on the Internet Downloads

Also here we go with the liveliest Ctrl + J. Optionally, you can right click on the small cogs above. As in Chrome or Firefox, the main menu is so called. Approximately in the middle of which the option is Show downloads. Very clearly, the browser displays the same on the location. So you can also find files back easily into the most obscure folders.

Show Downloads Internet ExplorerFind downloaded files in Internet Explorer.

Show downloads in Edge

Microsoft Edge is the successor of Internet Explorer and the default browser for Windows 10 can also use this tool to easily an overview of the downloads Show. To do this simply to click on the icon with the three horizontal bars. Under this so-called hub icon found next to the favorite of the reading list and the browsing history and the downloads - symbolized by a downward pointing arrow. Following is an overview of all completed and ongoing downloads opens. - But (as with all other browsers mentioned above) under Edge can be all downloaded files using the shortcut Ctrl + J call.

Show Downloads EdgeUnder the Hub icon you find all downloads. (Image: Microsoft.)