Delete Tinder: So one separates from the Dating App

Delete Tinder: So one separates from the Dating App

delete Tinder must be done correctly in order for the data connection to Facebook is not. goodbye now final, dating account!

Flirt willing singles the Tinder can download app and quickly and easily find like-minded people in the neighborhood. The application is linked to Facebook and excited by their wiping function. It has been flirting up you should delete Tinder however. But who really wants to do with the Flirt app conclusion takes patience and thoroughness. The dating application proves to be so affectionate as an ex-lover stalking ambitions. Once we have logged in, the profile is maintained. We show you how to permanently banned the app from phone and Facebook.

Delete account at Tinder

With an uninstall from a smartphone is not enough in this app. If the application is simply deleted from the mobile phone, the account remains active. Therefore: Only the account at Tinder delete, then the app. For this one last time to go next in the Tinder application. Top left is the three lines provided menu. About the app settings you can access the Settings where general information on the app are. delete TinderWith a few clicks delete Tinder. (Screenshot: IAC Interactive Corp / Editorial)
you scroll all the way down, the menu item will delete account. Do not worry if you can not find him immediately, because this button hides under the logo, which normally signals the end of the page. The account deletion must be confirmed again separately with selecting Delete. Only now should banish the application from your smartphone. Tinder delete account(Screenshot: Editorial)

uninstall Dating App

Owners of Android devices go into their smartphone settings to the menu apps or applications. Manage applications are visible all installed apps. You have to select some Tinder and remove with one click. Owners of iPhones and iPads to delete the program falls easier. Hold your finger as long as the flame symbol until the graph responds with a vibration. Here, in the upper left corner of an x ​​through which the application can be uninstalled appears.

Tinder decouple from Facebook

Even if the account deleted at Tinder and the app has been uninstalled, remains connected to the dating service and Facebook exist. To permanently remove these, you have to log in to Facebook. In the Settings category Apps is now open. Here are all the apps and sites to see where the Facebook login is used. In addition to the Tinder icon a small cross is found. By clicking on the application from Facebook is removed. The procedure must be confirmed by pressing Remove. Tinder remove it from Facebook(Screenshot: Editorial)

Unfortunately is not clear whether and what personal data is still stored in the dating site. For more detailed information users should contact Tinder directly.