blocked Facebook account? So to solve the dilemma!

blocked Facebook account? So to solve the dilemma!

Was that Facebook account disabled, one can resist. describes which can cause it to block the account and how to unlock his account again!

Whether in the browser or by downloading the Facebook app: On the portal you can easily with friends or colleagues, family or your partner to stay in touch, play games or related to the personal interests read news. However, just as long as the account has not been blocked. In this case, a lock message appears instead of News and Gossip. If this notification does not occur, it is merely Facebook login problems.

For these reasons, a Facebook account is locked

Those who use the social network needs to keep in compliance, the blocking of accounts is done on some rules. A violation may exist if:

  • The posting of the Terms and violated as other threatened, bullied or harassed or encouraged criminal activity.
  • It was a false name used to register or pretended to be someone else.
  • There were carried out operations that violate the community standards or the general terms and conditions.
  • There were bothered with advertisements, promotional or otherwise people.
  • Facebook suspected that the account was hacked.

Before a Facebook account is locked, warnings are very often advance. With renewed violations then the blockage occurs. Occasionally it can happen, however, that an account is suspended in error.

Two types of blocking

In the case of the cases users can be blocked for a certain time or either the account is completely blocked. In one variant, users will be informed by e-mail about the duration of the lockout. In this case, you just have to wait until the temporary lock has expired. If you have not received an e-mail, the account has been permanently withdrawn from service. Then can be appealed here.

Facebook account disabledIs the Facebook account is locked, users able to bring an appeal.

Here, the stored e-mail address or mobile phone number and the full name must be specified. As this is in most cases a permanent ban to accounts that have been registered with a false name, as well as the image of an identification document in JPEG format to be uploaded. To verify the account, an image of the following documents can be uploaded:

  • Passport or identity card as well as documents for official name change
  • Electors ID
  • driver’s license
  • Birth or marriage certificate
  • Tribal identification card or proof of status
  • Private or car insurance certificate
  • disability card
  • Residency or immigration papers

Has the Facebook account is locked and you have at hand none of these documents can two non-official papers to reactivate the accounts are submitted. These include:

  • ID cards: student and student card, library card, social security card, pensioner’s card, union card, employee ID card, ID card, etc.
  • Evidence: Proof of employment, magazine subscriptions, gas, water or electricity bills, payroll, bank statement
  • Cards: season ticket or credit card
  • Testimonies: school or university certificate

Note: All data appearing on the documents and not be used to verify, should first be blackened. required documents with the full name and Date of birth or a photo where the face is visible.

What names are actually approved?

Since Facebook is not particularly good to say about fake accounts and pseudonyms, the name should correspond with registration following guidelines:

  • It should be the name under which it is registered.
  • Do not use nicknames, provided they are a variant of the actual name.
  • Do not use birth name or professional name.

Has the Facebook account locked, it may be due to the following violations in the name of choice:

  • The user name contains symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, repeating characters or punctuation
  • The name was generated from different languages.
  • The account name contains professional, religious or similar title or formulations instead of a name.
  • The user name includes insulting or offensive words.