Of the The Originals Stream is an entertaining offshoot of the US fantasy series The Vampire Diaries. Here it's all about the vampire ancestors moving from Mystic Falls into the French Quarter of New Orleans. We tell whether The Originals online through Netflix via Netflix app and Amazon, max cathedrals & Co. are available. now learn more about the exciting adventures of vampire!

Fierce battle of the vampires in The Originals Stream

In the spin-off of the Vampire Diaries three Mika Michelson siblings Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) are the focus. They are called "The Originals" called because it is dealing with the first vampires who settle in a co-founder of Ur hybrid Klaus Mikaelson city of New Orleans, where old friends such as Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), the current vampire boss of New Orleans, meet.

The Originals StreamThe original stream as a spin-off to the Vampire Diaries

Klaus, an immortal hybrid - half-werewolf, half vampire - aimed again after the domination of the vampire scene in New Orleans and thus instigates a bloody confrontation with the new local rulers, of course, he must always keep the protection of his own family in mind.

The fans are already looking forward to The Originals Season 4

The original was first broadcast in a backdoor pilot episode in April, 2013. The very next day The CW announced the The Originals Season 1 with 13 episodes in order, which was later increased to 22 episodes. The The Originals Season 2 was followed in October 2014 in accordance with Claire Holt was replaced by Maisie Richardson-Sellers.

Meanwhile, the US channel The CW has already been a The Originals Season 4 in order, which will be on display from March 2017th Some details of the The Originals Season 4 and the future of Mika Elson's family are already known. So someone from Klaus' powerful vampire enemies to New Orleans to take revenge on the hybrids.

The original on sixx on free TV

In Germany, the Friends of entertaining vampire series from August 2014 the Free TV stations could sixx the The Originals Season 1 View. The The Originals Season 2 with another 22 episodes followed in February 2015 as well as the on sixx The Originals Season 3 from August 2016th

The original stream Netflix within the film flat rate

If you missed the exciting mystery series on TV, simply gets the The Originals stream online and thereby has the choice between the video-on-demand providers Amazon Video, max cathedrals, iTunes and video load. Netflix customers will be delighted also that The original is available with currently two seasons within the film and series flat rate on Netflix - like the Vampire Diaries stream.