With the Clone Partition download can be quickly and simply clone individual partitions or entire drives to similar media. Although the small freeware utility provides only a very Spartan, minimalist surface, but scores with a simple and user-friendly operation.

Clone Partition download for use on USB sticks

The cloning process entire disks and individual partitions starts at Clone partition after a few mouse clicks. Simply set the source and destination drive for cloning and start confirming the cloning button the process. The freeware functions without any installation, thus also suitable for use on portable media such as USB sticks.

Start necessary with administrator privileges

Administrator rights are required for the start of the small freeware tools. First, the user has the choice of whether the program should be called with a German or English user interface. He then yet to confirm a disclaimer before the actual surface appears and can start the cloning of partitions or drives.

Clone Partition download

Selection of source and destination drive partition at Clone

In the top of the window, the user selects the desired source drive. All hard drives and printers are equipped with a drive letter are listed below and can be used. This is the case which can be set in the bottom of the window in a similar way to the target drive. A click on cloning starts the actual copying. This can be stopped with the Cancel button. Under the button information only about the manufacturer and the version number of the small freeware tools can be found.

Data on the destination disk is overwritten

In the current version Clone partition allows the cloning of hard disks and partitions and files. In addition, a file compression is now been added. Advanced settings or functions the user must continue to do without. The data on the target disk will be completely overwritten and can not be recovered. therefore, take note: Failure to properly use a data loss is imminent.