install Viber Sticker – how it works!

Smiley was yesterday! When Messenger service Viber’s stickers with which you can send text messages, pictures and video, but more awesome. Whom the integrated Viber Sticker not enough can download many more in the sticker shop. How it works and what to pay attention to it, is explained in the following sections.

So you sent Viber Sticker

As an alternative to WhatsApp the Viber app download is popular. Like many other alternatives uses Viber it on an individual profile to stand out from the top dogs WhatsApp. This includes the Viber Sticker.

Viber Sticker

The button for sending a Viber Stickers located at the bottom left. Just click on the little bear head icon at the bottom left of the “+” – icon and then tap the sticker from the new list.

buy new motifs in the sticker shop

Whom the built-in subjects not be enough in the sticker shop more Viber can buy stickers. And this is how it works:

  • +more Sticker: Below the normal list of the stickers is the purple menu with various stickers. Beside the point “Hi” Two other collections are displayed by default, such as the Sticker Pack with the Viber Girl or football stickers. Additional stickers can be found under “More Stickers”.

Viber Sticker

  • Sticker Shop: The Sticker Shop the motives by various criteria are sorted, such as for “New”, “Free” or “Top”.

  • Preview functionTo install a new sticker, call the Stickerpack his choice and activate the preview function

  • Select the payment option: Similarly, where no free sticker is, do you choose the payment option next. After the payment process the automatic download of sticker starts, and the menu. Many free designs are the sticker shop.

Viber since 2010 on the market

With Viber stickers user text messages, photos and videos can make full effect. In addition, you can make calls with the Viber app for free with other Viber users around the globe. For a small charge are also external calls at any fixed or mobile number possible (Viber Out). the Skye and WhatsApp alternative in 2010, initially only as an iPhone app was founded. The app for Android devices was a year later at the start. The company was founded by the four Israelis Talmon Marco, Igor Megzinik, Sani Maroli and Ofer Smocha. In February 2014, the Japanese company Rakuten has taken over the service. Especially after learning of the global surveillance and espionage affair in the summer of 2013 flourish WhatsApp alternatives. In February 2014, the Japanese company Rakuten has taken over the service, one of the largest Internet companies in the world.