Over the years, the Download Adobe Reader developed into more than just a pure viewer PDF files. The freeware adds comments in the pleadings, filling out forms and much more on the screen. Adobe Reader is now superseded by the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Download. The update of the default PDF reader not only contributes a new name, but also offers several new, interesting features, including a cloud connection.

Adobe Reader Download: The granddaddy among the PDF viewer

Thanks primarily to the latter function of Adobe Reader Download contributes to reducing the paper mountain on the desk. Although one of prints provided with appropriate information forms also, as for the postal delivery. Leaves it to PDF creators but to, to forms can also be saved and as cost-effectively as quickly send it via mail. If extensive or intended for the print area, high-resolution PDF documents overwhelm the capacity of commercial mailboxes, Adobe provides ready for shipping its own alternative. This goes by the name Adobe Send and do their job in a similar way as Dropbox and Co. Not only PDFs, but also videos, pictures and office documents to load high in this cloud, they are for other users freely and then inform them of a link for direct viewing of the data, or alternatively for the download with. For the use of Adobe end, however, a monthly amount to the manufacturer must be paid. Incidentally, this applies to alternative PDF Software for download in our software catalog only in part.

Download Adobe Reader

Free PDF viewer with online interfaces

Also included in the Adobe Reader interface for Adobe service is acrobat.com which equally suitable as online storage for virtually any data format. Unlike Adobe Send this but free to use, which unfortunately does not apply to Adobe CreatePDF. This service is aimed at all those who indeed create PDF documents, but want to give up the acquisition of Adobe Acrobat. According done CreatePDF conversions in the Portable Document Format without installation and online.

Thanks to Adobe Reader free PDF converter included

Entirely on one converter but download does not dispense with the free Adobe Reader. After all, here you get donated a transducer that generates PDFs from either Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files or RTF texts. This component works online and includes an optional OCR text recognition, can support different languages ​​and also switched off if required. Who uses PDF as part of collegial cooperation, is likely to frequently use the versatile commenting tools. These add the PDFs both written and via audio recorder oral comments. In addition, explanations are possible in the form of virtual sticky note. Continue to add underline and deletions as well as a direct adjustments to texts that can be labeled for clarity also. Finally, put the user in the Corrections Department to PDFs additional files in and put a stamp such as for release.

Security is a major issue

Finally, it is dedicated to the download of the Adobe Reader and the ever-important theme of security, specifically digital signatures. For this is the freeware on Adobe's own service EchoSign that allows even signed both can also be sent to signatories as. Who uses certificates to sign-off of digital documents, also puts them into PDFs, which takes place in both visible and hidden form. Even an examination of existing certificates is performed by the Adobe Reader if necessary.

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