The car cost calculator shows clearly that their cars can be more expensive than the rent for an apartment. The Excel spreadsheet includes all direct costs around the set of wheels and calculates the total expenditure.

Car total cost determined by car Cost Calculator Download

The free car cost calculation program for MS-Excel will not only fuel costs but all the purse incriminating items around the car meticulously counter and determines the cost per kilometer and per hour, day, week, month, year and also for the period of five years. After this Car Cost Calculator Download the user will receive an Excel spreadsheet in .xls format. He opens it and sees a sample calculation. This can of course always be replaced with your own cost data.

specify cost of road tax, insurance and fuel

the cost of the mobile pedestal and the costs of trade-ins, cash contributions and financing enter the first few lines. More information is provided to the effective interest rate and the residual value of the vehicle. Now it goes to the annual cost. These are calculated mainly from the road tax, insurance and mileage. Very important in this context is the correct indication of the real fuel consumption of the vehicle. In the next line, the user enters the average price of premium, petrol or diesel, depending on which fuel needed his car.

Car Cost Calculator Download

Car cost calculator takes into account garage and cleaning costs

It continues with the costs incurred only every two years: TÜV with ASU and AU as well as regular inspection. For tires and brakes and payments are estimated and again stated as an annual figure in the table. Now we get to the monthly costs for the cleaning of vehicles as well as for garage or parking. Finally, there is the other category in which an estimated amount is entered which includes all other small expenses, from parking tickets for illegal parking through to the fee for the ticket machines. If you have other regular expenses for his vehicle that uses two additional fields with "Space for your own items" are circumscribed. Here you have the freedom to choose whether the cost amount incurred one-time, monthly, yearly or driven per 100 kilometers.

Meaningful statement of total costs

After all table fields are filled in, the car owner receives with the car cost calculator download a meaningful statement of the total cost, which caused his set of wheels. In the not so unrealistic sample calculation this 44,729 € within 5 years, € 8,945.80 per year, 745.48 € per month, € 172.03 a week, 24,51 € every day and € 1.02 per hour and 0.358 € for every driven kilometer. Other programs for drivers can be found n our software catalog for free download.