Windows Product Key Finder

Windows Product Key Finder

With the Windows serial number, it is sometimes a bit tricky. Often the labels on the PC at some point no longer be read, or the package with the license key is simply lost in the move. If you want to Office or Windows will reinstall a lengthy communication with Microsoft either due – at least if you have your Windows Product Key officially registered – or one uses a Key Finder to read the registry key. The “ Windows Product Key Finder Download ** reads the serial number of installed Win and MSO products quickly and easily, and can be as the knight in shining armor to be.

Windows Serial read the Windows Product Key Finder Download

As it downloads the Windows Product Key Finder Professional is the first hurdle to take. The installation includes first, toolbars and additional offers, which is classified as a threat by some security software. You can, however, during the setup simply deselect, so here is not really imminent danger. In addition, the program is criticized itself, since the Windows Serial read classified as tends to be undesirable process. Again, you can shut down the shields but confidently, eventually one would like to extract only the native Windows serial number from its own Windows registry.

To learn now that license key for the installation of Microsoft Office or Windows was originally entered, users run the Product Key Finder simply by double-clicking it, any type settings are not to make any. The program now scans a moment the registry and shortly afterwards a window with details about the installed serial number for Windows and Office.

read Windows SerialOffice and Windows product key read by the Windows Product Key Finder Download (Image: Gear Box Computers)

Helpful: In addition, the key finder provides information about the installed version – making it easier, in addition to download the Windows installation files or Office setup. Practical: you now generated via the corresponding buttons on request a text file with the found Windows product key, or print it out. Windows Product Key Finder supports the following software: Windows Server 2003 and 2008, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10, and Office XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 and-2013.

Useful Key Finder for Office and Windows serial number

Although the free Locksmiths crack no locks and can build no new castle. But if you want your own read Windows serial number, is the free Windows Product Key Finder Professional Download simple to use and just really useful. If you like to read the license key installed additional software, should try the free LicenseCrawler. You will find the free System Utilities downloads.