The Park

The Park

At the The Park Download is it is the first single player adventures of Norwegian MMO developer Funcom published since 2006 Adventure Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. The horror game is available in a version for Windows PCs from 27 October, 2015.

The Park Download appear in time for the Halloween festival

The manufacturers have chosen the release date apparently a few weeks to bring the horror-adventure in time for Halloween on the market. Clever pre-orders received when GameStore Steam a discount of more than 20 percent and pay only 9.99 euros. After the MMORPG Age of Conan and The Secret World Funcom, the game studio located at the plot of The Park in the abandoned amusement park Atlantic Iceland Park.

The Park Download

In search of the missing son Callum

The player assumes the role of Lorraine, a young mother who gets in the seemingly abandoned for years entertainment venue to the nerve-racking search for her missing son Callum. The focus of the game are a mature story and lots of thrills instead of fighting and action elements. The fight against monsters of the story is thus subordinated to what makes the atmosphere seem more depressing and spooky.

The Park Download Horror

Exciting horror trip with many adventures and brain teasers

in the single-player horror game Lorraine loses her son in the amusement park out of sight and has met with the night looking for Callum between roller coaster, Ferris wheel and Losbuden on some evil and blood pressure-boosting surprises. You must successfully complete a series of missions, battles and brain-teasers in the horror trip and reveal the dark secrets of the amusement park before it can close in the arms of her son at last.

The Park Download Theme Park

The Park offers one to two hours Horror at its best

The The Park Download offers the player one to two hours Horror at its best with countless horror effects and surprises. Friends of The Secret World theme park will be familiar. The story takes place in the same universe. The appearance of The Park be deliberate as a single-player program was a big surprise because Funcom has moved in recent years exclusively on the development of MMORPGs. So that they could reap a lot of praise from critics though, came with the complex projects but apparently also in great financial problems. Therefore, the owner of the Game Studios are currently rumored looking for a buyer for his own company. The Park with the developers are apparently back on the right track and provide exciting and manageable single-player entertainment. Those looking for more adventure games for free download, find it in our well-stocked games catalog.