FRITZ! Box Fon WLAN 3270 firmware should always keep owners of the DSL modem and wireless access points from the house AVM on the current state of affairs. The latest version of the system software includes a critical vulnerability, that could allow unauthorized persons to gain access to the outside FRITZBox and wreak serious damage.

FRITZ! Box 3270 firmware download for higher efficiency in the home network

FRITZ! Box Fon WLAN 3270 Firmware Download cares not only improves safety, but also supplies the small box and the same with some new features and improvements. About FRITZ! NAS is content with friends can share and MyFRITZ! can also be used by smartphones. the improvements in ADSL interoperability and the synchronization behavior also are noteworthy. The USB memory can now be individually separated and acquisition of WLAN night service parameters for repeaters is possible.

Quick access from your smartphone

AVM has access to the services MyFRITZ !, FRITZ! NAS and much easier. In the current FRITZ! OS the user needs the move only a single personal registration. It can be accessed via smartphone or from your PC easily via the Internet to the local FRITZ! Box and thus to calls AB messages and stored with FRITZ! NAS data.

share FRITZ! NAS storage with friends

The FRITZ! NAS is also the possibility, to share a file or folder as a link with their own friends. In addition, the FRITZ! Box users with their own storage areas and permissions can now be set. The music playback can be controlled in other UPnP enabled devices to as a FRITZ! WLAN Repeater or wireless-enabled speakers. Even an Android smartphone can be used as a convenient control for their entire media collection.

FRITZ! Box 3270 Firmware Download

New FritzBox 3270 firmware provides optimized FRITZ! Box services

Other new features in FRITZ! Box 3270 Firmware Download are setting the FRITZ! Box services to enable HTTPS and FTP on the Internet and an exception list for IP addresses in filtering websites. The overview of child safety has been aligned with the network map from the home network. The child safety disconnects after the surfing time immediately, even during an active connection. the representation of IPv6 features and Internet performance while the Child Lock optimized. A ping to the public IP address of the FRITZ! Box from the LAN is possible.

New repeater function for range extension

Even with the wireless features, much has happened. newly completely is the repeater function for range extension and the acquisition of the night service parameters for repeaters. In addition, were Stability and performance improved significantly. Other tools and drivers from AVM are available for download in our software catalog. New and enhanced features in the Fritz box firmware The actual Firmware eliminates critical bugs and extends the Fritz box to useful functions. From improving already integrated features to implementation of new functions and increase the wireless range Box 3270 can be achieved a lot more than a simple update of the software in the well no longer quite dewy FRITZ!.