Of the OnlineTVRecorder download (OTR) records series, films and broadcasts. The free TV service does not require a TV card.

OnlineTVRecorder Download for comfortable recording of TV programs

Normally, you need to record TV broadcasts a recorder device that nowadays record to DVD or hard drive. Disadvantages are the acquisition and energy costs. Also can not look everywhere you look at the photographs. OnlineTVRecorder closes this gap and record the favorite shows for a programming via the web interface even when the PC is turned off. Either you see the program before the program recommendations for inclusion or one looks through the electronic TV guide.

Recurring Series you have to thanks planners only once specify the continuous recording takes OnlineTVRecorder automatically. After recording, the program is available for download. OnlineTVRecorder brings a TV recorder for the user who does not require expensive hardware recorder. The smart service stores the programs on the servers. After shooting even watching on iPhone, iPad and Android tablets and smartphones is possible.

OnlineTVRecorder download