DB Scanner

DB Scanner

Of the DB scanner download automated database queries and inform users about the results in a notification window. After the start, DB scanner logs on to the set database and converted into individual intervals one or more SQL queries.

DB scanner download as a helper for periodic database queries

Provides the SQL query returns a result set, this is displayed in a message window that opens in front of all other windows. The records indicated there may be provided with some properties that indirectly affects the following query execution. DB scanner is used in all applications where database tables need to be controlled permanently to certain changes towards. For example, it is conceivable that use of reports of sales representatives of a large company to flow in an automated balance in the database of the company.

DB scanner download

Flexible query rules

To find out as soon as possible now by the new reports, you can scan with a suitable scanner DB query on the database for newly arrived reports. Thanks to flexible query rules, customized database solutions can be realized. DB scanner supports administrators in their daily work with databases. Thanks to automated and flexible query notifications, the scanner offers many application scenarios.