Flight Simulator X

Flight Simulator X

The Flight Simulator X from Microsoft now comes with an improved graphical presentation and more realistic animations on the computer. Another bonus are the issues that must now be fulfilled.

The Flight Simulator X download for a game to take off

The free download and installation of this flight simulation take depending on the performance of the computer a few seconds to a few minutes – the German language package is the largest with 820 MB. Actually, the game was specifically designed for Windows Vista, but it also works on Windows XP or Windows 7. If the game is installed only once, the gamer can start right with one of the missions or the airplane just fly from one place to the next.

Fllight simulationx Download

How to fly and what are the new features in Flight Simulator X

The gameplay of flight simulators, especially compared to other simulator games for free download is simple, but the execution is not quite simple: represents the true course of a take-off and landing approach and also in the air is mostly about controlling the giant bird. For this reason, the game was up to Flight Simulator X Download even something for expectant pilots and those who have not managed to do so. But now there is something for beginners and veterans, because in addition to the simple flying from A to B We must now also meet different missions. Depending on how the player’s mission has passed, there are awards and medals. Also, the game now has a MultiplayerWith him two Players can sit online as a pilot and co-pilot in a cockpit and fill an order.

The aesthetic appearance and the handling of the simulation

Flight Simulation X comes with a new and improved graphical representation on the PC: First, there are now moving objects such as ships, cars or herds of animals that can be observed from the air. On the other hand also was Detail revised, so that the landscape and the earth now stung from the air are sharp and the real views same from an airplane. Likewise, the cockpit looks incredibly real.

Fllight simulationx Download Cockpit

The operation of the game is not that easyIt is advisable to read the manual before, in which the steps are explained clearly. Otherwise, this simulator takes much practice, which, yes, but known also fun. Especially for new missions, such as to land on a bus or parking deck, the gamer a lot of practice and intuition needed. Who wants to be convinced of the new graphics and the complexity of the game in advance again itself, this video looks at best:

The simulation of breathtaking and dizzying highs In the Flight Simulation X Download for Windows is an absolute tip: The game is really very entertaining, even if the player "just" flies from one place to another; the surface is kept wonderfully realistic and not entirely easy operation comes to reality very close, but may very well be learned both from advanced computer and laymen. That’s why this game is worth once and for all for each aircraft fanatics, whether big or small, computer professional or computer beginners.