At the Ski Challenge Download the player rushes down the slopes of the Ski World Cup season on virtual boards. With the free simulation ski fans can replay the World Cup season one-to-one on the PC and compete online against human players in digital competitions.

Exciting online race with the Ski Challenge Download

Ski Challenge includes the current slopes of the ski World Cup. Bormio in Italy to Kitzbühel in Austria, the simulation has all the major venues of the highest international ski competition. In Ski Challenge players can control their own racers either via keyboard or gamepad on the slopes. Depending on the weather, it is important to find the right race settings for the skis. As in real ski racing players must first go through a qualifying phase. In workout makes you look first in the free race with the peculiarities of the track familiar. Those who survive the qualifying called on then occurs online against other human skiers in Tournament mode. Ski Challenge adheres strictly to the racing calendar "real" Abfahrtwettwerbs. At the beginning of the season is at first only a distance, this year Beaver Creek, to choose from. The other tracks are unlocked gradually over the course of the season.

Ski Challenge Download

In addition to the various racing events Ski Challenge on top of that offers a new mode. In the duel skiers compete against a single opponent. This can be either an acquaintance or a random opponent. Thanks to three difficulty levels and detailed tuning of their own equipment For beginners and ski professionals alike the right balance between realism and fun - whether in sunshine, fog or icy track.