NetCat Finder

the free Download NetCat_Finder is a management tool that is specifically designed for networking professionals such as administrators. The program is able to manage entire networks and attached devices therein. In addition, captured the Finder cabinets, cable paths and patch cables and supports MySQL databases. The tool requires special expertise.

NetCat_Finder Download Offering good network management

Network administrators are every day faced with the task of ensuring a safe and effective management of their network. It is important always to keep track of and protect the performance of the network against bottlenecks and failures. For optimal management of the network tools are like the NetCat_Finder Download welcome programs. With this tool, administrators and network professionals to manage their networks, including all attached peripherals. That is, the Finder checks both all networks such as optical fiber (short fiber) backbone networks or redundancies, and peripheral devices such as computers, network printers, scanners, routers or phones and servers. These properties make the NetCat_Finder can also be used as inventory software. Since version 5, the tool also supports MySQL databases.

NetCat_Finder download

Extensive feature set of NetCat_Finders

Already at the first start, the tool shows the user what it has everything in his luggage. So packed like the feature set, is also the starting surface. Who is not deep into the matter here, feels overwhelmed. As the color division suggests, there are seven main areas in which the administrator can be divided. These areas are for a shown a large area, but also found in the menu bar, among other functions. The seven categories a fundamental dichotomy can be made: The left side represents the thematic scope is with the categories clients, appliances, cabinets and networks The right side includes basic functions that are organized as configuration tools und_Hilfe_..

Many features for detailed network organization

First, the NetCat_Finder Download offers its users a very good overview of its network with all the individual components, on the other hand there are for the respective ranges of functions. Under the category of clients using these different features can be managed. The user can call up a client list and switch clients can pick up and otherwise manage. The data can be updated also and export. The same applies to the connected devices. If new equipment added, they can be recreated using the tool. Current devices can also copy or remove easily.

NetCat_Finder cabinets

Regarding the cabinets, the network administrator provides fully automatic views that takes into account all patch cables, port assignments and panels. The management at this level works just as well as with clients and devices. In addition, the tool is able to make a line network, complex representations of cabinets and topologies from the acquired network data.

Configuration in the software for network-centric organization

The three categories for the general operation of the software make the Admin further functions. For example, the tool comes with a convenient address and user management and access to the SQL database. In addition, device types, security settings or status texts can be configured. In addition, the administrator useful tools like the database editor or network scanner on board. Efficient management of networks As already indicated is the network manager, such as a variety of programs for network organization also specialized knowledge ahead. If this is available, the download of NetCat_Finder is a useful tool when it comes to network management. The extensive range ensures the necessary overview and offers a comfortable managing.

Limitations NetCat Finder

Number of clients / devices / enclosures / clients are limited compared to the full version.