recipe Suite

recipe Suite

Of the Recipe Suite Download collected recipes including ingredients, preparation and pictures. The shareware depends in equal measure to cooking enthusiasts, as well as to professional chefs.

Recipe Suite Download with comprehensive search functions

Recipes saves Recipe suite in a central database stored. Including several employees from different PCs access from the same back to cooking instructions. In addition, an extensive search function on board. Even shopping lists you create in a few clicks directly in the program. Via import and export one exchanges the most delicious recipes with friends quickly and easily. Also via email the recipes can be sent directly from the recipe Suite out and printed.

Recently, is also a cookbook editor on board. Click chefs from existing recipes summarily own recipe book together and equip it with graphics for the front and rear. For printing the recipe collection can be forwarded with a click of a printing press which then brings the good piece for a fixed price on paper. Recipe Suite makes a competent and well-structured impression. The program interface is pleasant, clear and easy to operate well. Professional chefs and hobby chefs: Download recommended.

Recipe Suite Download

Limitations of prescription Suite

The trial version is limited to two categories with 20 recipes.