Success Control CRM Free version 4.18

With the Success Control CRM Free version Download a useful customer relationship management system comes to the computer which individual entrepreneurs can facilitate the office work tremendously.

keep track with Success Control CRM Free version Download

Especially in growing small or sole proprietorship good customer care is extremely important. Few companies invest in the foundation in a professional CRM tool and make do at the beginning with Excel lists where items and customer data are recorded. With growing sales and customer scope that leads to an almost unmanageable collection, which complicates the accounting and can damage customer contact. For such cases, a variety of software for customer management is available for download. Success with the Control CRM Free version download all relevant data in a coherent system can be inserted. There can be coordinated everything and documented by customer and product management to accounting and reminders. After installation, different address list tables can merge and send form letters and mass e-mails without duplication.

made Order Processing with Success Control CRM Free version easily

Are contact details of customers, inventory lists for articles and invoice templates stored in different locations, order processing with high administrative effort goes hand in hand. In addition, it can easily lead to transmission errors that provide far-reaching confusion and are difficult to understand.

Success Control CRM Free version Download

Invoices and estimates can be created using the Control Success CRM simple templates. These contact data from the customer database can be used. Invoice number, date and payment requests can be assigned as texts to each letter type. Here, the banking module for SEPA Direct Debit is suitable. Those who work in sales, can choose between different forms of representation of detailed description, a picture to a simple list, select the item.

Program for customer management with built-in organizer

The download of Success Control CRM Free version brings not only order in accounting and customer contact, the software can also help individuals in the company with the organization. In addition to the above databases, the tool has all office aids such as cash book, quick books, notepad, calendar and even a built-in Web browser. The program provides interfaces to the Office programs Word and Outlook for correspondence. In addition, internal projects and orders can be organized and coordinated with the office assistant. The integrated folder, file and project management to a chaotic storage system can be prevented.

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Great customer relationship management software The Success Control CRM is a useful aid for freelancers or even clubs, want to bring order in Accounting and contact details. Due to the good integration of other programs existing records can be migrated to the database. The self-explanatory user interface little training time is required. The great time savings through a unified system and improved customer contact are paying off!

Limitations of Success Control CRM Free version 4.18

The freeware is designed for only one user and includes advertising.