Dragon Ball: Xenoverse

Of the Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Download ties as a typical beat 'em up title of the Japanese fighting game genres seamlessly with the tradition of the popular Dragon Ball games. Players step among others in the role of Goku against old favorites like Vegeta, Freezer & Co. on. The beatings Game was developed for the PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One and 360 as well as Windows PC. The fights take place in a destructible 3D animated environment on the ground, in the air and under water.

Travel through time in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Download

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse now also offers the ability to create your own character. The player has the choice of different races and abilities, and can also determine which sex he prefers. This time, the developers have also given more effort to give the game a proper background story in which the player travels through time. He is faced with the task of saving Goku and his colleagues Fighter after dark forces changed the past and have manipulated major battles from the Dragon Ball history in their favor. The brazen falsification of history is to be bent by the player with solid arguments again.

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Download

New impetus through increased online components

Particularly motivating is the ability to compete online with other fighters. These take place in the city of Toki Toki City, meet the Fighter and play all online battles. Players can choose from 46 playable characters again the popular Dragon Ball heroes available.

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse with considerable Story

The Xenoverse Download extends the long series of Dragon Ball Spanking Games by another branch in which the fists fly. This time the developers have brought the game help from the development studio Dimps, the responsible is also responsible for Street Fighter. 4 According to the manufacturer, the new Dragon Ball game to break away from the conventional scheme and draw attention to mystical sides of the series. This has unfortunately only partially worked. Admittedly, the fights were nevertheless significantly revamped, provided the game with a respectable story and also in terms of locations and characters, much has happened.

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Download Beat'em Up

Fantastic animations in a smart comic look

Very successful the loving character style and fantastic animations in a smart comic look. Here is a clear expression that has itself created the Japanese manga artist Akira Toriyama hand. The figures show their feelings and pain than in its predecessors. The player can read a lot from the face of competitors. Everything looks like an anime.

Bloody noses are in Dragon Ball: preprogrammed Xenoverse

The Dragon Ball: Xenoverse download offers a 3D fighting game and the possibility of a strategic approach. The fights are kept relatively sophisticated for the Japanese fighting game genre. Special attacks can be used by experienced fighters tactically, whereas giving beginners happy with short combinations and have, after all, against the computer opponent a real chance of winning. The online Fights with the experienced player community because it looks already much bleaker and the player will get so many bloody nose. More Action Games for free download find gamers in our extensive software catalog.