With Shpock sell & buy: It's that easy!

With Shpock sell & buy: It’s that easy!

about sale shpock is easy. We reveal what Shpock sellers should note everything in their offers that. Try it now, clear basement or attic empty and make money!

Enable Flea Market app and sell over Shpock

shpock ("Store in your Pocket") Allows the online marketplace platform via the app Shpock the private buying and selling of second-hand goods in the vicinity. Who has things at home that he no longer needed, can incidentally earn over Shpock some extra money. The Shpock app can be activated through Facebook, so that an account is quick and easy set up. Alternatively, the Shpock done registration via e-mail and SMS confirmation.

sale shpocksell over Shpock and earn money for secondhand goods.

make Shpock display online: Find it!

After that, the Shpock user can browse to the other user or for sale to upload their own offers. This works quite simple: Take a snapshot of the properties for sale article, enter a title, description, and the desired price and you have the Shpock photo display online. The own Shpock classifieds can split or through Facebook, Twitter, SMS or e-mail with friends and acquaintances they are alerted to other interesting offers.

Via Shpock sell and buy is free!

Quite handy is the possibility of sorting the offers by distance to find the best bargains in the area. Compared to other online auctions buying and selling at Shpock is free. So there is not yet Einstellgebühren sales charges. However, if you would like to highlight its offerings more than usual, it may take paid premium features to complete.

set Shpock price right

Shpock users naturally wonder what is to be sold and how they set the right price. What can we sell so all in Shpock? Besides legally prohibited things, counterfeit products and food everything is almost allowed. Of course, the condition of the used item and any defects in fixing a fair price should always be observed. A Shpock sale is binding if both parties agree to the deal, so if an offer is accepted and confirmed the other party to this. Who does not find an offer suitable, may make a counter offer, which must accept a result of the buyer to make the purchase contract.

Shpock sell second-hand goodsSecond-hand about Shpock sell at the flea market app

Shpock Deal cancel and reset the product

You can cancel a deal, as long as this has not been confirmed by both parties. In this case, however, it is no longer possible even to make contact with the prospective purchaser. If you sell the Shpock with the buyer will not agree, the deal can be terminated by mutual agreement and the product to be set to quickly find a new prospect. All users who have previously shown interest in the product are notified, which increases the chance of quickly finding a new buyer.

change a Shpock ads later

The Shpock ads can edit and make changes to the title, description, price and category, this however only until you get an offer to the product at any time. After that, the price can be corrected only down. Also, the article site can not be subsequently changed. Payment is due upon personal delivery or a cash on delivery or Paypal.