Adobe Audition

Most users fall "sound editing" spontaneously terms such as "cut out" and "Hall effect" on. Of course, free audio editing tools, most notably Audacity, for many tasks are. However, if it is complex and applied a variety of effects and the sound has to be professionally mixed encounters Freeware their limits. Adobe Audition provides a recording environment that provides users up to 128 stereo audio tracks available. Audition is suitable for the composition, recording and mixing of audio tracks, for the creation of Radio spots and for synchronizing video clips with audio tracks. Recently unwanted sounds from the sound editor on the basis of removed before samples with just a few clicks. When editing complex projects supported Adobe Audition by grouping tools and easier handling of the individual components. A so-called Preview Editor also helps to balance the waveforms of various tracks as well as to examine the effects of time stretches before use. When mixing in the Multitrack View are producers automatic crossfade and handles are available. The precise machining is done in Spectral. In the desired range effects can be added, of which Audition has dozens of offers (Convolution Reverb, Analog Delay, tube compressor, etc.). Also in the field Time Stretch, Adobe Audition is competent and changes by varispeed optional speed and pitch separately - in real time. Adobe Audition offers a worry-free solution in audio editing and mixing. The workflow is designed, user interface and handling timely and integrated effects and the built-in VST interface are also available. Ifs slightly more Audio may be Editor: Adobe Audition.

Limitations of Adobe Audition

30-day trial version, which requires registration with the manufacturer.