System App Remover

System App Remover

Who wants to free his smartphone from annoying bloatware, get with the free System App Remover the corresponding tool at hand. Although the application requires root privileges, but works much safer and easier to handle than comparable tools.

System app remover adjusted Android smartphones

Android currently has iOS next to the most widely used operating system for mobile devices. The open source software is used by various smartphone manufacturers, thus, for example, to find devices on LG, HTC or Samsung. Unfortunately, Android allows therefore interventions, so that each manufacturer will equip its devices with in-house products, which are then supplied from the factory. The problem is that apps can not simply delete usually. So it affects perk up the performance and consume storage space. Who wants to get rid of these applications can download the System App Remover. The tool starts its work where others stop.

System App Remover

Prerequisite for the use of clean-up app

The app remover can be downloaded on all Android devices running Android version 2.3. So that the tool can do its job, the user, however, must have root privileges. That means he must have rooted their phone before. Only such interventions are possible in the system. However, this is not entirely harmless: the manufacturer’s warranty expires and it can go wrong. Therefore essential before making a backup!

Features of the system app remover

the user has provided a root access, you can start with the cleansing of the phone. The program not only allows removal of system apps, it also uninstalls user apps. In addition, it allows you to push apps from phone to SD card and vice versa. Also APKs can thus on the SD card (de) install or sought.

System app remover Features

Secure Delete on the Android device

Unlike other applications of this type of system app remover comes with a safety mechanism. Apps that would provide for cancellation of instability are pre-filtered. In addition, all deleted apps are automatically saved so that they can be retrieved in the event of the case.

In addition, the application provides suggestions as to which apps can be deleted and thus offers groupings. An advantage is further possible to delete several apps at once. This saves time and nerves.