Of the CleverPrint Download is preparing to reduce printing costs. To this end, the shareware hooks up as a precursor to the printer in the printing process.

Printer ink saving with the CleverPrint Download

Sometimes the crux lies simply in detail. Printing costs saves, for example, by simply arranging multiple prints on a sheet by removing individual pages before printing or by offering a print preview before the actual expression. Watermarks and letterheads dominated CleverPrint and exported to request documents also equal to JPG, PNG and even PDF file if the printed output is sent to a printer, but an export in popular PDF format is to take place.

CleverPrint DownloadPressure Reducing costs with the CleverPrint Download

The current version contains a climate calculator. This impressively shows what resources to CO2, water, wood and energy have been saved. Furthermore, an additional ink-saving feature is been added. To come up with the daily tasks ahead, print most PC users every day more pages and convert text cumbersome in PDF formats. CleverPrint simultaneously lowers printing costs and paper clutter by allowing multiple pages to be combined on a single page. Many other interesting programs in the fields of Office & Finance, our software catalog for free download.

Limitations of CleverPrint

30 day trial.