Even with grouse Treasure Hunter II, the cult feathers goes back to a tricky platforming adventure. The aim this time is the legendary heart of gold, which hide the chanting monks in their monastery on the icy mountain Shlimalaya. As might be expected, the grouse is facing on its way with all kinds of adversity. This includes grouse at Treasure Hunter II not only grim Yetis and demons, but also treacherous crevasses. Hopping and jumping, it is important to address these challenges .. grouse Treasure Hunter II is certainly not a revolution is in terms of platforming. Thanks to colorful graphics, successful animation and a series of funny gags but offers the playable demo plenty of fun. We also offer part one of this game under the title grouse Treasure Hunter for download.

Limitations of grouse Treasure Hunter II

The demo version includes only three of 21 levels.